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James H. Roache, PharmD

James H. Roache, PharmD

Founded December 24, 1984

James H. Roache graduated from the University of Southern California and earned the title of Doctor of Pharmacy in June 1970. He began working in and contributing to the community through local retail pharmacies, local and regional hospitals as well as expanding the role and responsibilities of hospital pharmacists to partner with physicians in the treatment and dosing of critical care patients. Working in the position of Director of Pharmacy in numerous hospitals Jim instituted many new and cutting edge programs to efficiently and accurately dispense medication to inpatients. While working with physicians to properly choose and dose medications for critical infections, develop individual customized formulations for TPN products, pain control and Chemotherapy, he gained invaluable experience that would pay huge dividends in his future home healthcare business.

In December of 1984 Jim started Preferred Medical Home Specialties to provide hospital level quality of care for patients in the home setting. Over the years the company name changed to more accurately project the scope of our products and services to the physician, nursing and patient communities. Seeing the opportunity to expand services and benefits to additional communities in Southern California, the company opened additional pharmacies in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and San Diego counties as well as opening Medicare certified nursing agencies in those counties. These expansions benefited not only patients but provided for many full time employment opportunities to benefit the communities as well.

In 1997 Jim added respiratory care for ventilator dependent patients to the portfolio of company services. These services were provided throughout Southern California by licensed staff respiratory therapists.

In 2007 we began providing Synagis™ to immune compromised/premature babies in California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Alaska. Advance Pharmacy’s Synagis program grew to be the largest provider to California’s Medi-Cal patients. In the process Jim guided the development of our Synagis™ Management System, the state of the art software management and reporting system for the Synagis™ program.

Jim’s hard work and stewardship of the business has provided the rock solid foundation for its continuation into the future under new ownership.

From all of the previous and current employees we thank you for your vision, innovation and persistence to bring the company from inception to the current highly acknowledged company it is today.

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