Meet Our Chief Executive Officer

Samuel K Lee

Samuel Lee, an advanced practice pharmacist, brings a decade of diverse experience across various practice settings.


We Have Access To Over 100 Limited Distribution Specialty Drugs


Over 50 Payor and Health Plan Contracts


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Patient Satisfaction Provider For Specialty Pharmacy & Respiratory Services In California

Samuel Lee

Samuel K Lee is a graduate of UC Berkeley (2006) and the USC School of Pharmacy (2012). He completed a Community Pharmacy Residency at USC in 2013.

Samuel Lee is an advanced practice pharmacist with 10 years of experience working in a variety of practice settings. He began his career in 2012 supporting in the management of 90 retail pharmacies at the Ralph’s corporate office. He then moved on to assisting his family by managing their 3 busy retail pharmacies, bringing his clinical pharmacy experience related to mental health to increase business. In 2017, Sam acquired APS (Advanced Pharmacy Solutions), where he continues to impart his knowledge of pharmacy. APS is now a dual accredited specialty pharmacy and an accredited infusion pharmacy.

APS provides cutting-edge injectable and infused therapies to manage complex disease states, and has been dedicated to preventing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in babies since 2001 through its proprietary software and data systems, and APS’ Respiratory Programs provide unique continuums of care for pediatric life support patients.

Sam received his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley and completed his Doctor of Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy Residency from the University of Southern California. He continues his passion for pharmacy by mentoring others in the field. He is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at both Chapman University and University of Southern California. He currently serves on the Insurance Committee and the Political Action Committee for the California Pharmacists Association and the USC QSAD Alumni Board.

James H. Roache, PharmD

Founded December 24, 1984

James H. Roache graduated from the University of Southern California and earned the title of Doctor of Pharmacy in June 1970.

Jim’s hard work and stewardship of the business has provided the rock solid foundation for its continuation into the future under new ownership. From all of the previous and current employees we thank you for your vision, innovation and persistence to bring the company from inception to the current highly acknowledged company it is today.

Clark Norwood

Facility Manager
Employee From 2/28/1985 to 5/29/2020
35 Years

Clark was the first employee of APS.  He was a licensed pharmacy technician and helped Jim make the first IV bags for delivery to local hospitals many years ago.

Clark always had a smile and drank coffee with the best of them.  He was our handyman, our office supply manager, our Synagis database manager, and much more.  Clark was an avid shooter and is survived by his wife Jeanette, and son Adrien Norwood.

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