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Since 2001, APS has demonstrated its commitment to preventing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in premature babies and other at-risk children. We have proven our commitment by becoming the largest, single provider of Synagis® (Palivizimub) to the California Medi-Cal based programs. With consistently exceeding a 97% compliance rate, APS remains one of the top Synagis® providers in the United States. APS has also successfully expanded its Synagis® program into Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, Montana and Alaska whereby patients, physicians and caregivers receive the same excellent care and outcomes.

Our Synagis® Management System (SMS™) is unique versus our competitors. Our diligent tracking and monitoring of patients receiving Synagis® is unsurpassed. This includes looking closely at patients who marginally did not qualify to receive the mono-clonal antibody and looking for additional documentation and opinion that may otherwise qualify the patient.

For Synagis® Referral Coordinators, APS makes it easy to refer a baby by providing forms that can be downloaded, edited or written and securely submitted.

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